Windows 10 Update Reset My Start Tiles

One major inconvenience with Windows is the way the OS applies updates. While I could drone on about my opinion on Windows vs Linux updates, I’ll keep this simple.

Last night I chose to “Update and Shut Down” my laptop. Now, logically, one would think that the updates would be applied prior to shutdown and you would return to an updated computer at a later time. But we are dealing with Windows, and logic does not apply here.

This morning, when I returned to my laptop, I turned it on and it fired up the Windows update screen. There it sat, at 0% updated for several minutes. Then, 1% for several more minutes. That’s when the thought hit me that I wouldn’t be logging in to my laptop this morning. No, Windows was going to play with itself for the next hour or so and prevent me from doing anything useful before work.

Well, surprisingly, it did finish after only 30-45 minutes and I had a few minutes on it. But wait, why did all of my Start tiles get changed? Really, Microsoft? You can’t leave your grubby mitts off of my tile arrangement? You have to stick XBox shortcuts and Washington DC weather on it? And remove the simple shortcuts that I created for myself?

Too far, Microsoft. Too far.

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