Trump’s Strategy

The Donald Trump campaign has taken the world by storm.  Not only has he upset the apple cart in the United States, but he has managed to piss off people in the U.S. and political leaders abroad.  Could anyone in the U.S. imagine watching a foreign nation’s election process and lashing out at one of the candidates for a piece of his political platform?  Something strange is going on here.  Why would leaders from Mexico, China, and the Vatican speak out against a guy who is not even president yet?  For the same reason so many people want to vote for him.  They believe him.

The Trump strategy is unique.  Trump politics 101 says to make the right enemies.  Knowing that people are fed up with being screwed over, used, and lied to, Trump didn’t start attempting to convince anyone of anything using words.  Instead, he made politically convenient enemies in order to cozy up to the pissed off populace.  As soon as voters see a candidate hating the same people that they themselves hate, they are in love.  Why would anyone on the “Trump-Train” possibly get off?  Trump will defend them against everything that they hate.  Trump hates Obama-care, and so do they.  Trump hates the lying media, and so do they.  Trump hates the illegal invasion coming from the Mexican border, and so do they.  Trump hates ISIS chopping off heads, and so do they.  I could go on.

One major piece of his appeal is the fact that he funded himself.  Why is that a big deal?  Because it tells the public that he is not doing this for an income.  He is not going to serve a group of donors.  He is going to become president by being honest rather than pandering to a group of donors to which he is indebted.  That instills trust.  We do not have to worry that he is trying to using us for a vote to go on and abuse his newfound power.  While he certainly could do that, he seems the least likely to do so.  In the world of elections, that goes a long way.

Today, Ben Carson came out to endorse Trump, and said that there are two Donald Trumps.  One is essentially crazy and aggressive while the other is “cerebral” and intelligent.  That is now coming out as Trump settles down in the debates.  And here is his next strategy: Now that trust is gained and the momentum is flowing, shift to cerebral-Trump and give everyone else a reason to like you.

Trump has spoken out against the new world order machine, be it the bankers, the 9/11 attacks, or the invasion of foreigners.  He knows what is really going on.  I think he is going to take action against it.

While I am a voluntaryist and don’t believe in government as a means of fixing anything, I am excited to see what Trump will do.  He has made promises that I think will actually happen.  Will I vote for him?  No.  I will not vote.  But since he is running, I hope he does win, as it would be the most favorable shift in our circumstances that could happen, at least for now.

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