Too Late?

Too late? Can it be too late? Does God give up on people who gave into temptation too many times? Or who never wanted to learn true righteousness in their earthly life? Does His unconditional LOVE (agape love) that knows no bounds find a boundary it cannot cross?

Can death, to which Jesus holds the keys, somehow prevent Jesus from getting through to someone? Does death have some upper-hand? Is death the true god? The true power?

That’s the gospel? That death still reigns but Jesus installed a workaround? And then most people reject the workaround offer and suffer for eternity?

Is this where I shout “Hallelujah”? Why?!

“Too late” is a myth. God’s judgments are sure to come, but His mercies never end. Never choose evil with the expectation that you’ll “get away with it” because God is merciful. Your repentance is sure to come, sooner or later. But the later it comes the more painful it will be. You are “storing up wrath”, but no matter how painful the wrath is, it is for your good, it will cleanse you, it has a purpose and an end, and will bring you to kneel before God and declare that “Jesus is Lord”.

God can be trusted to deal with everyone properly. He is not just loving, He is Love. His anger is for a moment but His love endures forever.

If death is too late then we need our flesh to please God.

If you have never sought (looked for) God, right now is not too late. If you have a unrepentant loved one who died in their wicked ways rejecting Jesus, the Bible teaches that God’s will is that ALL will come to repentance, and God will accomplish ALL His will, and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. That is why the Father sent Him and He always does the will of the Father. Jesus is one with the Father. They are Love. Love never fails.

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