“We have a grotesque and immoral distribution of wealth and income” – Bernie Sanders (https://youtu.be/FO0UKOWntqs?t=92)

Perhaps the fairest distribution of anything is fallacies from the mouth of a democrat liberal socialist. The so-called “unequal distribution of wealth” fallacy is such a garbage claim and so revealing of their bungled thought processes that I can hardly believe they can get away with it.

This is very simple. Have a look at the definition of distribute:


(dɪˈstrɪb yut)

v.t. -ut•ed, -ut•ing.

  1. to divide and give out in shares; allot.
  2. to spread throughout a space or over an area; scatter.
  3. to pass out or deliver: to distribute pamphlets.
  4. to sell (merchandise) in a specified area.
  5. to divide into distinct phases.
  6. to divide into classes.
  7. (in logic) to employ (a term) so as to refer to all individuals denoted by it.

Notice what each definition is saying. To “distribute” is to hold or control something and then divvy it up to give out. Is that how money circulates in our world? Does some overlord hold all the cash and then (for reasons unknown) just give it away?


Money is earned.

If you want money, you have to earn it. You have to do things that generate money for yourself or someone else, and then negotiate the payment. The person holding the money is named “everybody”. Everybody is not distributing anything. Everybody is purchasing everything. When you go to work, your employer is purchasing your labor. When you sell something, the customer is purchasing your product. When you pay your taxes, you are purchasing your freedom.

When you go to Costco and they are giving out free samples, that is distribution, although the intent is to incentivize shoppers to spend money to purchase the product.

Calling my income a “distribution” is nonsense. It is earned wages.

I learned a skill. I learned how to sell that skill. Now I give my time to deliver that skill in exchange for a payment.

Distribution of wealth is welfare. It’s people sitting around waiting for the fruits of someone else’s labor to show up in their mouth. The socialist votes are just little chicks hoping the mamma bird will return with someone else’s wealth to put in their mouths, so that they can grow up to be vultures.

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