Forced Mask Wearing: The Real Reason

The requirement to wear a mask to “prevent the spread” reveals their real motives behind this [real or contrived] COVID pandemic.

My position on this “pandemic” is that it is a mix between a real virus and media generated hysteria. In other words, there is a virus that exists but the hysteria is unwarranted. The virus generated (possibly) through natural means but the hysteria is the result of a calculated brainwashing from the media and governments. Whether the virus truly is naturally occurring or not is yet to be determined, but the solution will almost certainly rest in the hands (and wallets) of vaccine makers.

To put it bluntly, this “pandemic” will be used to force vaccines onto the world to the benefit of and profit to Big Pharma. Dissenters will be ostracized, pushed out of normal societal activity, and possibly jailed.

How I came to this conclusion involves my past research, while I was being pressured to get a flu shot to keep my job and nearly lost my job in the process. I was working for a hospital that required all workers to get a flu shot or else sign a simple declination form. My issue was that they were telling me to sign a form that had very incriminating statements on it. I would have had to agree that the vaccine prevents infection from flu, which has complications including death of my family, community, etc. Then it goes on to say that I “know” these facts, most of which I disagreed with. If I did not sign it then I would have lost my job. What saved my job was a disclaimer that I wrote near my signature stating that I do NOT agree with the statements.

flu shot declination form with incriminating language

Notice that I would have to agree to wear a protective mask. When I researched that, I found a pubmed article (below) that explained that the masks were really to increase the vaccine take rate. Notice the title includes the word “strategies“. Forcing mask wearing is a strategy. What is the goal of the strategy? To influence people to receive a vaccine.

Voluntary to mandatory: evolution of strategies and attitudes toward influenza vaccination of healthcare personnel.

“[…] institution of a mandatory vaccination campaign requiring unvaccinated HCP (health care personnel) to mask during the influenza season increased rates of compliance to over 90% and markedly reduced the proportion of HCP (health care personnel) who declined vaccination as a result of preference[…]”

Now, we have to ask the question, “are masks effective in stopping the spread of a virus?” Many have reported that masks do not stop the spread of this virus because it is much smaller than the pores of a mask, plus air comes in around the edges anyway.

What the masking requirement does is it puts a thorn in your side. It makes every healthy person feel the pain of the virus. Immediately after that, it will make EVERYONE long for a solution to the annoyance of wearing an uncomfortable mask. Next thing you know, everyone is lined up with their sleeve rolled up waiting for their injection.

Just this simple mask strategy gets their acceptance rate from 62% to 90%. That is why they are beginning to force masks on the populations now. It’s literally a strategy to piss you off so that “they” can present the solution to you. And the solution, of course, pours money into the coffers of Big Pharma.

The declination form was also just a strategy to increase the acceptance rate of the flu vaccine, as stated in this pubmed article.

The conclusion of that article is very telling:


Implementing use of the declination form during the 2006-2007 influenza season was one of several measures that led to a 55% increase in the acceptance of influenza vaccination by healthcare workers in our healthcare system. Although we cannot determine to what degree use of the declination form contributed to the increased rate of vaccination, use of this form helped the vaccination program assess the reasons for declination and will help to focus future vaccination campaigns.

They likely meant to communicate the second definition of “campaign”, but it’s interesting that the first definition is specific to military operations.

There always seems to be room for plausible deniability and there is always room for conspiracy conjectures, so in the end it should be left up to each individual to decide for themselves. But when my autonomy is stripped from me, I will certainly interpret this as a military operation.

This crisis has not gone to waste.


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