My review on the movie: The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot

This movie is currently on Hoopla Digital, which I have through my library membership. (aka, it’s free) Since the title gives it away, I don’t mind saying that he does kill Hitler and then The Bigfoot.

The movie was about a man carried who around a lot of pain. He never wanted to kill anyone or anything but he knew how to follow orders and do what was necessary.

He gave up love to go off to war and be the hero, but to him, he didn’t feel like a hero. He thought of it as just killing a man (Hitler) while the damaging philosophy of Nazism was already released into the world. At that point, it was no longer about a man, and yet, he killed a man for it.

The movie was a bit depressing and still fun to watch.

It went from slow but interesting like you were anticipating something, to intense.

Mostly fine for kids to watch. No sex, no swearing, but brief moments of violence. The Bigfoot was a scary looking creature so it would be scary for small kids.

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