Tricky Spam

December 10, 2018 benf101 0

An email came through that looked somewhat official but had a few “tells” to show that it was fake.

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Stopping #Robocalls

December 22, 2016 benf101 0

EDIT 2017-07-30: I believe that Youmail has changed their Android interface.  The “History” section has been removed, which is a major bummer.  It still shows on the Android Market screenshots but it does not really exist.  How do block robo calls now?  Not sure yet. Ugh, the bane of my […]

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How to Track Down Spam Sources

August 13, 2010 benf101 0

When you give your name out to a company or website, there’s no law that says it must be your exact legal name, right? So when giving your name, enter the name of the company as part of your name. For example, Acme Inc. is requiring me to fill out […]