Making Bing Less Annoying

October 9, 2022 benf101 0

I use Bing to search from time to time. It’s a decent alternative to Google, which I avoid entirely. Overall, I appreciate Bing’s results but the everchanging page drives me insane. Things are constantly moving. If I click a link and then press “back” to return to the Bing page, […]

screenshot of page

Flickr Searching

June 18, 2017 benf101 0

Launch Flickr Searchr! Now you can search your own Flickr photos by camera model.  Strangely, Flickr has had the ability to search public photos by camera model, but not your own private photos by camera model. So, I have created a little tool that does the work for you at: […]

Google Encrypted Search

August 26, 2011 benf101 0

Google has an encrypted search page at  For an explanation of what and why you would want this, visit the SSL Search learn more page at Google.  

TSA Guard: “Get used to radiation”

August 19, 2011 benf101 2

Going through the line that approaches the security check at Seattle airport, I asked a TSA guard lady if I have to go somewhere else if I want to avoid the scanners.  She said, “Just tell them when you get up there.  You might want to get used to radiation […]