Law Enforcement Gets Lazier – Wants Carriers to Store Text Messaging

Background: CBS News Law enforcement groups have discovered another way to make their lives easier at the expense of your privacy.  Now all that they have to do is get enough congressmen (who accept cash and checks, by the way) to agree with them and the deal is done.

Why Is My Android US BANK App Using My Camera?

It seems most unusual that a banking application would need to access my camera on my phone.  Are they watching me check my balance?  There are no camera functions in the application, at least that I was able to find.  This is most unusual. So, I sent an email to US Bank at  It reads: […]

Un-Google Your Searches

Depending on your level of purism, devotion to privacy, and reason for hopping off the surveillance grid, the non-Google solution that appeals to you will vary. For those who are hooked on Google’s results, there are options that mask you from Google, making your search basically anonymous.  For those who don’t want to “feed” Google their inner […]

Un-Google Your Life

Google has taken over the web in a very respectable way.  They achieved it by doing one thing well and then adding more services over time.  That is a fantastic business model for anyone to follow, but you can do one thing well and still be immoral and abusive.  I mean, Rome did crucifixions well […]

Privacy in your Email.

If you are seeking email privacy then you need to look into GPG and PGP encryption. These both provide very solid email encryption that is protected against even the most sophisticated cracking attempts. It is likely that anything is crackable if “they” really want to crack it, but this is the strongest encryption known as […]