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Message to snowflakes

January 15, 2017 benf101 0

Hey there snowflakes, I know you think Trump is going to end the world, but you’re just wrong.  Your fear of Trump has led you to riot, beat innocent people, threaten assassination, threaten killing electoral voters, and sing “I will survive” like a pack of wild retards.   I understand […]

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Obama’s Ridiculous Remarks on the Electoral College

December 22, 2016 benf101 0

Source: The allegedly United States born president, Barack Hussein Obama, is not pleased that his little voting soldiers didn’t follow his commands to vote for Hillary Clinton. One of the things he has decided to growl at is the electoral college, which screwed Hillary Clinton out of a win, despite […]

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Hillary Really Won

December 21, 2016 benf101 0

Hillary truly won the election.  Why?  Because Donald Trump is her president, too.  That makes her a winner. She was really in a win-win position.  If she won the vote, she got to be president.  If she lost, Donald Trump would be her president.  Sounds like she couldn’t lose.