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Stopping #Robocalls

December 22, 2016 benf101 0

EDIT 2017-07-30: I believe that Youmail has changed their Android interface.  The “History” section has been removed, which is a major bummer.  It still shows on the Android Market screenshots but it does not really exist.  How do block robo calls now?  Not sure yet. Ugh, the bane of my […]

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Your Cell Phone Is A Document Scanner

July 17, 2015 benf101 0

CamScanner is a free Android app that takes photos of documents, automatically crops the photo, enhances the photo, saves it, categorizes it, tags it, converts it to PDF, and uploads it to your cloud.  And CamScanner does it well. The quality is as good as (or better than) a normal […]

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MIUI ROM for Android Review

January 21, 2013 benf101 0

MIUI (mee-you-eye) is a ROM that is available on the Android platform.  If you’re bored with your stock look-and-feel of your Android piece, or tired of the quirks in your current ROM, you should have a look at MIUI.

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Why Is My Android US BANK App Using My Camera?

July 8, 2012 benf101 0

It seems most unusual that a banking application would need to access my camera on my phone.  Are they watching me check my balance?  There are no camera functions in the application, at least that I was able to find.  This is most unusual. So, I sent an email to […]