Summary of Today’s Gospel Message (not what you’d expect)

God is all powerful and all loving, gives His best try, and then loses to His enemy that God Himself created.

Score: 9 to 1

Truly, we do not know the actual score, but this is roughly how the gospel is presented today, and I have heard the “90%” estimate numerous times.

I believe that people derive this value from a couple things:

  1. When Jesus said that road to life is narrow and few find it, and
  2. Their personal experience, knowing that most people are non-believers or believe so incorrectly that “they couldn’t possibly be saved”.
  3. The story of the 10 lepers who were healed. Nine walked away without thanking Jesus and one thanked him. (9:1)

Let’s put the beliefs side by side and check them out:

God, all powerful, all loving, gives His best and loses to His created enemy. Score: 9 to 1.

Satan, who is outwitted, outmatched, and overpowered in every way imaginable, comes out the winner. This nonsense is laughable.

If this were true then God must have been asleep during the entire contest, or maybe drunk, or just plain unwilling to use His power for good.

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