Secured Party Creditors Need To Step Up

So many little guys don’t know commerce, don’t know law, and suck up to the powers that be in our world. Just the farmer trying to produce food and make a living gets trampled; just the hard working dad coming home from work gets the ticket/fine for not damaging anyone; just the honest family making health or education decisions for their children… these are the ones who are usually singled out by the predatory government and corporations and CPS, and they are eaten alive.

My Dream

Those of us who know how to operate in commerce who have learned from Tim Turner’s seminar, or Brandon Adams from creditors in commerce, and anyone else who knows how to “bring it” needs to start stepping on some toes.

I’m referring to those statutes which purport to be laws and are infringing on our freedoms. Their statutes have crossed the line and have begun closing in on our freedom. We need to step up to that line, within our God-given rights but past the line that they created, and push back against those statutes which are crushing the common man.

Once we push back, they will charge us with something, and it’s on. We have such power in commerce. Why not use it?

What am I going to do? I’m not sure. Like anyone, I have fights that I would fight and ones that I would rather not. May God lead us all to the arena where we are called to do the most good for our country and fellow man.

Fight the good fight.

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