Removing SSMS Boost

SSMS Boost is an add-on for SQL Server Management Studio.  I used it for quite some time but I got tired of using it as freeware.  The reason SSMSBoost as freeware didn't work for me was because they require that you continually re-download the new version and re-register every 120 days, otherwise it renders your existing version useless.  That process gets tedious, at least I think it does.  I want my tools to serve me, not the other way around.

Unfortunately, the usual uninstallation process in the Control Panel didn't work.  SSMSBoost wasn't in my list of programs.  After some searching around, I discovered that I can simply remove the folder called "C:\Program Files (x86)\SolutionsCrew".  Then the next time SSMS was started, it failed to load the add-in and asked if I wanted to remove it.  I said yes, and it was finished.

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