Post li WHAT?

Postliminium was a term I first read about in the Law of Nations. I’m no legal scholar but occasionally I get the urge to learn something weird and so I took up reading the Law of Nations, a while back.

POSTLIMINIUM. That right in virtue of which persons and things taken by the enemy are restored to their former state, when coming again under the power of the nation to which they belong. Vat. Liv. 3, c. 14, s. 204; Chit. Law of Nat. 93 to, 104; Lee on Captures, ch. 5; Mart. Law of Nat. 305; 2 Woodes. p. 441, s. 34; 1 Rob. Rep. 134; 3 Rob. Rep. 236; Id. 97 2 Burr. 683; 10 Mod. 79; 6 Rob. R. 45; 2 Rob. Rep. 77; 1 Rob. Rep. 49; 1 Kent, Com. 108.
2. The jus posiliminii was a fiction of the Roman law. Inst. 1, 12, 5.
3. It is a right recognized by the law of nations, and contributes essentially to mitigate the, calamities of war. When, therefore, property taken by the enemy is either recaptured or rescued from him, by the fellow subjects or allies of the original owner, it does not become the property of the recaptor or rescuer, as if it had been a new prize, but it is restored to the original owner by right of postliminy, upon certain terms.

Now, I’m viewing this in the light of the stolen 2020 election (Democrats stole it from Trump). The Democrats have been compromised and work directly with foreign powers such as China and possibly Venezuela and others, and so we are discovering that many votes that belonged to Trump were switched to Biden with foreign assistance. The voting machines being connected to foreign countries through the internet during the election, and the seized servers from Germany, all point to this. That means it was less of a political trick and more of an act of war.

What was stolen during this war? Two things (at least): votes and the election. Votes were switched from Trump to Biden, but also there was ballot stuffing, which stole voting power from rightful voters as well as the entire election from the rightful winner.

When those things are returned to their rightful owner(s), it is not an “OVERTURNED” election, as if “it had been a new prize”, rather it is a “RESTORED” election, as the stolen property is coming again under the power of the nation to which it belongs.

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