Samsung Omnia (VZW)

As the proud x-owner of a Samsung Omnia, from Verizon Wireless, I feel that I should declare my feelings of this phone, right here. First of all, this phone is light-weight, attractive, and has an OS filled with potential. Unfortunately, it’s a let-down in most categories. First, you will read the positive points about it. […]


The reason for so many prime numbers is simply a lack of numbers which are less than the said prime number. While these prime numbers are useful in some cases for things like RSA encryption, they do cause frustration for younger math students because of their stubbornness and obstinence (the numbers, not the students). Prime […]

PHP- Globals

This one drove me nuts for a while so here is how to work with global scope in PHP classes. From within one function, if you want a variable of any sort to be globally visible, then you must use the keyword global, like this: [code] function Test(){ global $var_name; // now use it, if […]