No Hillary, the world doesn’t revolve around you

I hate politics.  The 2016 election has been the most captivating election I have ever seen and now it just makes me ill.

While Hillary lost by leaps and bounds in the tally that matters (electoral college), she wants to claim that Russians made it happen.  So she didn’t lose fair and square (or fairly and squarely), no, she was cheated by unfavorable truths (and I stress truths) coming out about her as a result of alleged Russian hacking.  So, it isn’t that anyone voted for Trump, rather they just voted against Hillary Clinton.

And that’s because the world revolves around her.

In her mind, the average voter thinks, “Welp, it’s almost time to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Wait, what’s this?  Suddenly I’m seeing a lot of bad things about her on my Facebook news feed.  I wonder who else is running.  Who is this other guy?  Douglas… oh wait, Donald Trump.  I might as well vote for whoever he is because even though I want to vote for Hillary, my friends on social media are posting things that look questionable.”

Yes, she is the world’s axis.  It was all about her.

(I hope you’re picking up on the sarcasm.)

Now the irony comes.  The Russians screwed up her chances to win, but in reality (in her mind) she did win because she got more total votes nationwide.  So she really got more votes because she’s better, but she didn’t get enough votes because of Russians.  Those darn Russians swayed the voters and did so with amazing marksmanship, swaying enough voters in key places to pick up electoral votes, that were coincidentally places where Donald Trump campaigned the hardest, while being unable to affect voters in places where Donald Trump didn’t campaign very much.  But of course, as I continue in a sarcastic rant, it had nothing to do with Donald Trump’s campaigning or his promises, rather it was the Russians targeting certain voters with confusion by overloading them all with facts about Hillary Clinton.

Or… or maybe this, Hillary… Donald Trump beat you because he read the rules and knew what had to be done to win, and did it.  Just a thought.

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