NASA Will Pretend To Crash Into Saturn


Many of us have figured out that NASA is just a public-relations organization to fake-win the space race and grab billions upon billions of tax dollars under the guise of “research”.  Well, now they want to crash land onto Saturn, which only makes sense since the “spacecraft” is running out of gas.  No, I’m not joking.  That’s their claim:

“We’re going out in a blaze of glory,” Dyches says.

The death dive isn’t just for fireworks. It’s necessary. The spacecraft will be out of gas.

Easy come, easy go.  The alleged spacecraft was funded by 452 Million tax-dollars (money taken by force) and therefore is not even worth trying to get back.  I can imagine the NASA conversation going about like this:

“It’s running out of gas,” said Neil.

“Just crash it into a planet.  Who cares,” replied Commander Tom.

If I got to steal the cash to purchase my sports cars, I would probably launch one off of a cliff, too, “for research”.  What do we get for this alleged spacecraft floating around for 15 years or so?  We get some “images”, not photos, but “images”, and some confirmation about Saturn that shows that we have been right all along.  No new discoveries.  Just some up-close-and-personal “images” to confirm that “yep, Saturn has rings, it’s really big, and has a moon that we named ‘Satan'”.  (Yes, “Titan” actually translates to “Satan”.)

Much like drilling into the Earth didn’t produce any meaningful results since they can only drill eight miles into Earth, but that’s OK because we’re just right anyway about the layers of the Earth.  And that alleged trip to the moon, full moon landing, overnight stay, relaunch and return that we got right on the first try?  Yeah, that didn’t produce any meaningful insights other than proving that we have been right about everything all along.  Oh, and don’t forget the mark in the space race “win” column.  Launching high into the atmosphere didn’t yield any new information, except that we have been right all along about the size and shape of the continents and Earth.  Yes, untold trillions of dollars taken by force to show that our knowledge obtained while standing on the Earth’s crust has been right all along.

So, the alleged Saturn spacecraft named “Cassini” has served its purpose to show how right we are about Saturn.  Might as well blow it up.

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