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Q. What are the benefits and the downs of using tobacco on a regular basis?

My A. It is important to distinguish the difference between tobacco and cigarettes, and not to mix them together. Of course, cigarettes are bad because of the 599 additives which turn into over 4,000 chemicals after burning ( Alternatively, a real, unadulterated tobacco cigarette or cigar would appear to have many health benefits which are derived from the nicotine found in tobacco. It has shown evidence of improving people with Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. (

Generally, I have found that natural things that people have been using for hundreds or thousands of years are beneficial. If suddenly we are told that they are deadly, it’s either because “we” have destroyed the integrity of it or we are being lied to. Examples of this include

  • sunshine – a driving force of life now said to cause cancer
  • eggs – a rich source of protein and healthy fats now said to cause heart disease
  • butter – a natural source of essential fats now said to cause heart disease
  • salt – a rich source of all minerals that the food industry has bleached and stripped down to just sodium and is now said to cause high-blood pressure

  • Hemp – a raw material which heals disease, has the highest protein content of any plant, has some of the richest essential fatty acids on the planet, can be made into clothing, concrete, paper, and fuel, and is now said to be a bad drug.
  • Don’t buy the lie. Use your brain and question those who control your perceptions.

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  1. You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sahrnig.

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