Message to snowflakes

Hey there snowflakes, I know you think Trump is going to end the world, but you’re just wrong.  Your fear of Trump has led you to riot, beat innocent people, threaten assassination, threaten killing electoral voters, and sing “I will survive” like a pack of wild retards.  

I understand and even appreciate your enthusiasm toward molding your country, but remember this: exactly how you feel now is how others felt when Obama was elected, and re-elected.  In my mind, I played out lots of political actions like you are now doing.  But guess what… I didn’t actually do them because I realized that it would be futile and that’s just not how things work.

So my advice to all you wounded Hillary supporters is to just realize that this is how politics works and sit by while Trump’s two terms play out.  This country will survive and so will you.  If you somehow managed to overthrow the Trump administration, you’d be left battling for power against lots of others just as enthusiastic as you, except they believe in bearing arms.  It would be quite self-defeating.

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