Maybe Government Is Not The Answer

Did anyone ever think that maybe government is the wrong answer to a good question?

Looking at the 2020 election you have to wonder: How is it that one group of people (DNC) can commit some election fraud, effectively pretending to have the support of the majority of Americans, and then swoop into the White House cranking out edicts with lightning speed and open up the nation to destruction?

Think about it this way: one little plot of land known as “the swamp” contains 537 (House + Senate + President + Vice President) people who have the power to wreck the lives of 330 million people.

How is this logical?

The power of the 330 million people to disagree with the 537 is done periodically in the voting booth, which they have effectively stolen from us anyway. In reality, there is no voting booth.

How is this logical?

How can so much power be consolidated into the hands of so few? If they become compromised then they can sink the entire ship carrying 330 million people.

Mind blowing.



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