iPhone Ignore Call

Another ridiculous shortcoming of the iphone that should have been fixed on the protocol model (iphone 1 beta)…

It’s 2020 and my iphone has no option to ignore a call if the screen is locked.

Seriously. I’m not joking.

I guess this functionality is beyond the imagination of the developers who created it.

The team meeting must have sounded something like this:

Dev1: guys, I’m building the answer screen now. Can you think of any options it should have besides “answer”?

Dev2: No. That’s everything.

Dev3: Yeah. That’s all that anyone could do.

Dev4: Yeah, nothin’.

Dev5: Agreed. Answer is all i can think of.

Dev6: Yeah, answer. That covers it.

Dev7: Hey guys, what about… Well, never mind. I was gonna say ignnnn-ever mind.

Dev1: ok, let’s ship it.

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