Now that I have myself an iPhone, I’m beginning to get annoyed. I’m a 10 year android user who grew to hate Google because of their spying practices. Now I’m growing to hate Apple because of other reasons.

I’m not going to list everything. Just some things. In fact, probably one per post.

Today, the home screen.

The iPhone home screen is so unfriendly to users. Why?

  1. You cannot turn off the auto-positioning “feature”. It’s stuck on arranging everything to the top left of the phone. That is the toughest place to reach when holding the phone with your right hand, as most people do.
  2. You cannot place any widgets on the home screen. None. It’s strictly for shortcuts to apps.
  3. You have to have all app shortcuts showing on the home screen. No app drawer to tuck them away. They’re all out in the open and no ability to put them in more than one place. So, if I wanted to put my music app with my map app (because both are needed while driving) and put my music app with media apps… Not gonna happen. Pick one and no more than one.
  4. Arranging icons is tough. When you long press an icon, they all start gyrating. If you drag an icon to the left or right it flings over to a new page. If you try to place it between two icons but you are slightly off, it bursts open a new folder with the icon you’re dragging and the one you accidentally hovered over. Then, the folder doesn’t close sometimes.

I’m going to coin a new term for Apple’s designs: user hostile.

It’s beyond un-userfriendly (or user-unfriendly?). It’s like they’re out to get you. Hostile toward their users.

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