How to Receive Encrypted Emails From Anyone

Having trouble getting your techless friends on board with PGP/GPG encrypting emails to you?  You’re not alone.  That’s why I have created a nifty solution, just for you.  And everyone else like you. is where you go to get signed up.  With this site, your public PGP/GPG encryption key is stored once, and anyone can send emails to you from there whether or not they know how to use email encryption.  The emails are encrypted before they are sent so they never hit the web unencrypted.  You receive the emails in your regular email inbox so that you can decrypt them on your local device.

Once your account is setup, you will receive an email-URL so that anyone can go to your page (it’s actually the usual page with your name filled in).  Here’s mine so you can see it:

Give it a try.  There is no cost.  There is no need to give any personal information.  This is just my way of trying to increase the use of email encryption.

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