Google Voice Quality

Google voice is still my second choice. When I used it a few days ago to call my wife for a second, she kept saying “huh?”, “what?”, “I can’t hear you”. After saying it three times, she got it. Then she told me that I sounded terrible.

There may not really be an advantage to calling out on my Google Voice number right now, other than masking my real number. Now I’m not saying that I was trying to mask my real number when I called my wife, that’s not what I meant. Seriously, it doesn’t seem to help anything, although there is an option to record the phone call if it goes through Google Voice. And it will be indexed for all eternity, which is really nice.

I still love the idea of Google Voice but I’m really hoping for something better in the future. The awesome control over your calls, the voice mail translated to text being emailed to you, and countless options are really great. There is much potential.

Reporting bad quality…

Google Voice ScreenshotSurely, in the long run, if you report bad call quality then they can apply their highly technical Google technicians to the problem and analyze the call to fix the quality going forward. Normally, I’d be kidding when I say that, but I bet Google might actually fix it.

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