Generate Your Own Binaural Beats With Audacity

If you like binaural beats as a way to meditate or drown out background noise, you may have come across the ones that you can buy. Did you know you can make them for free? If you’re a do-it-yourselfer like I am then you probably would want to play around with making your own. Here’s a great way:

  1. Before you can do this you must first download Audacity. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to be up and running. After that is installed then you can continue with theses steps.
  2. First generate a new stereo track by going to >tracks >add new >stereo track.
  3. Split the stereo track so that you can make the right and left channels independent of each other.
  4. Click on the left track and press the rewind button to take it to the beginning.
  5. Generate a new tone by clicking >generate >tone.
  6. Put in values as shown, or make up your own. If you aren’t familiar with how binaural beats work yet, then just copy what you see here.
  7. After clicking ‘ok’ you’ll see the new sound appear in the left channel. It shows up as a wave pattern, probably in a blue/purple color.
  8. Next, click the right channel, press the rewind button again to bring yourself to the very beginning of that channel.
  9. Again, you’ll need to generate a new tone, this time for the right channel. Do this by clicking >generate >tone.
  10. When entering the values for this channel you’ll need to select a slightly different frequency than the first. This example uses a difference of 4 Hz. (This difference in frequency is what causes the rhythmic “wah-wah” sound of the binaural beats.)
  11. At this point you could technically press play (with stereo headphones) and get the desired output, but it is a little bit too intense and annoying without the background brown-noise. So, here’s how you add that:
  12. Add another audio track, this time NOT stereo, rather choose “Audio Track”.
  13. Click the new audio track and press the rewind button to bring yourself back to the very beginning.
  14. Go to >generate >noise in the menu.
  15. Enter values as shown here. “Brown” noise tends to sound the best because it is not a sharp hissing sound. Brown noise is a softer sound.
  16. When that is completed your binaural beats are ready to play. Notice your play button normally looks like this:
  17. But if you press your “shift” key it turns into a loop, like this:
  18. Go ahead and press shift and click the loop-play button and your binaural beats will begin!
  19. Finally, notice the individual volume control levels to the left of each track and channel. Adjust the volumes to your liking:
  20. You’re done!

Learn more about binaural beats:

4 Comments on Generate Your Own Binaural Beats With Audacity

  1. thanks!

  2. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! A wad of bills in your tip jar, good sir.

  3. Thanks a lot, man! I’ve been wondering how to do this, and I didn’t know you could do it with audacity. I almost bought something!

  4. Thanks a lot, man! I\’ve been wondering how to do this, and I didn\’t know you could do it with audacity. I almost bought something!

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