Droid ConnectBot – Unix SSH on the go!

Connect Bot

I probably don’t need to sell any develpers on the advantages of being able to access your server while on the go. Once in a while you just have to. Programs like Astro, AndroZip, and ES File Explorer are ok for some things but what if you have to copy a gig worth of data to another folder? Do you want to wait for those programs to download it to your phone only to have to upload it to the target folder? Of course not. For that you need ssh access to your server. That is what ConnectBot is for.

Droid’s ConnectBot is the perfect tool for accessing your Unix server while away from your typical development area.

If you have ever used an application like Putty then you will recognize the interface ConnectBot offers. You know, white fixed-width text on a black background. It’s just perfect for issuing Unix commands.

ConnectBot saves your connections for re-accessing them with a single-click. It gives you the usual functionality of browsing your previous commands by pressing the up-arrow, although on a Droid, it’s the up-ball-roll.

Finally, you can make shortcuts to your previously accessed servers on your desktop. Simply go to your desktop, long-press, click “shortcut”, click “ConnectBot”, then select the server.

Screenshots From Google

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