Did Fauci Take The Hippocratic Oath or the “Hypocritic” Oath?

Fauci on Hydroxychloroquine: “That is a flawed study[…] It is not a randomized placebo controlled trial.”

Meanwhile, big pharma makes trillions of dollars on injections that do not have randomized placebo controlled trials.

Of course, his defense is that it is cruel to deprive someone of the “benefits” of said injections and cheat them out of its glorious protection.

In other words, its effectiveness and safety are so self-evident that we have no moral choice but to do “flawed studies” (no placebo controlled trials). And yet, vaccine injury cases are plentiful, but hydroxychloroquine injuries cases are unheard of.

Fauci: “Any and all of the placebo controlled trials, which is the gold standard of determining if something is effective, none of them had shown any efficacy for hydroxychloroquine.”

Let’s see if he maintains that strict requirement when the COVID injections come out.

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