Correspondence Database

Edit: RecordSetGo is being redeveloped to look a little bit more up-to-date.  The back-end (database) will remain as-is and therefore all data will continue to exist, but the front end with which the user will interact will be changing.  As a lone-developer I cannot estimate the time of completion.

Record Set Go is a new way of tracking your dealings with people and businesses. Up until now, tools like this that track correspondences between people and businesses have been expensive or just to difficult to use because they are normally targeted at business use. Not anymore.

Log Interactions

Now it’s simple to keep logs of every interaction you ever have in any business(or non-business) relationship. For every business you interact with, simply enter the company name and any details you want to store about that company. Then, enter any contacts that are associated with the company. Now, whenever you talk to someone at that company or purchase something from that company, you can click on “Add Correspondence” or “Add Purchase” and enter that interaction. Every log entry that is made is stored directly with that business and is quickly accessible by selecting that business.

Keep Files

And here’s the cool part: you can upload files with every interaction. So let’s say you signed a contract with a company. You can scan that contract and upload it to a new correspondence. Now that file can be opened when you view the business.

Track Events

Major events often involve many contacts and many people. Rather than trying to access them all and remember who is involved, simply create a new event and click the contacts who are involved. Now you can enter “event correspondences” and log unlimited entries from one spot. Again, files can upload here, as well.

File Sharing

So what if you uploaded a file and you need to share it, but you don’t want to give someone access to your log in credentials? You can go to your file sharing page, select the file and then check “share”. A private and obscure share link is generated. You can share that link so that people can access your file. If you want to re-encode the link, no problem. Select “New Sharelink”.

Private Entries

There’s even a little place for you to log your thoughts. It doesn’t attach to any person or business. It is just a place to log your thoughts or track a random occurrence or series of events.

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