How To Create Custom Hotkeys

There is a great way to speed up some of the typical repeating tasks you do on your computer: the app called “Auto Hotkey“. What is Auto Hotkey? It’s a lightweight background process that quietly waits and listens for you to press certain keystrokes so that it can perform whatever tasks you gave it to […]

Windows 10 Update Reset My Start Tiles

One major inconvenience with Windows is the way the OS applies updates. While I could drone on about my opinion on Windows vs Linux updates, I’ll keep this simple. Last night I chose to “Update and Shut Down” my laptop. Now, logically, one would think that the updates would be applied prior to shutdown and […]

Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria, Might Be Military Attacks

The world is crazier than you may realize.  Man-made Climate Change has nothing to do with coal mining and your car’s exhaust pipe.  It has to do with militaries using the weather as a weapon against other countries.  Yes, I’m serious.