SQL Server – AD Groups vs AD Logins

September 1, 2020 benf101 0

Let me state my position from the outset: Favoring AD Groups for security in SQL Server over individual AD Logins is a mistake. I don’t care what the “best practice” is. It’s a headache with no discernible advantage.

T-SQL Temp Table Check

October 21, 2019 benf101 0

What’s better than dropping your temp tables at the end of every script? Checking for their existence at the beginning of the script and dropping them.


Script Storage Update

October 17, 2019 benf101 1

This is an update to a previous post. In another post on this site, it was said that Dropbox Paper is the code storage of choice. This has changed. As of today, I much prefer using Microsoft’s GIT code repository known as: devops.azure.com. The benefits are numerous. Ability to revert […]

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May 16, 2018 benf101 0

EDIT: I had two scenarios like this. The one written about here worked. The other one failed. The actual solution came from sql-ution.com. The solution is to fix the registry with the new value. And just in case his website comes offline before mine does, I'll post the code: Since […]

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Script Storage

May 2, 2018 benf101 0

Update here: Script Storage Update Throughout my career, my scripts have been a vital piece of my work. Where I store them has changed over the years. The challenge has been in finding a repository that is reliable, searchable, accessible from where I work, and that looks good with color-coding. Additionally, […]

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sp_who2 Alternative (T-SQL, SQL Server)

May 1, 2018 benf101 0

The trusty “sp_who2” is a quick way to look at what’s happening on your SQL instance, but completely lacks the ability to filter using a WHERE clause. You may have to manually sift through hundreds of results to find what you need. Never fear. This quick script gives you the […]

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Removing SSMS Boost

June 30, 2017 benf101 0

SSMS Boost is an add-on for SQL Server Management Studio.  I used it for quite some time but I got tired of using it as freeware.  The reason SSMSBoost as freeware didn't work for me was because they require that you continually re-download the new version and re-register every 120 days, […]

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TempDB Reporting Incorrect File Size

January 20, 2017 benf101 0

So what happens when you run a query to check TempDB file sizes and SQL tells you that each file is 101 MB, but when you look in the file system, they're actually a 45 GB each?   Also, when you try to shrink the file, the shrink file dialog […]