Script Storage Update

This is an update to a previous post. In another post on this site, it was said that Dropbox Paper is the code storage of choice. This has changed. As of today, I much prefer using Microsoft’s GIT code repository known as: The benefits are numerous. Ability to revert back to previous versions Ability […]

Script Storage

Update here: Script Storage Update Throughout my career, my scripts have been a vital piece of my work. Where I store them has changed over the years. The challenge has been in finding a repository that is reliable, searchable, accessible from where I work, and that looks good with color-coding. Additionally, I don’t want to pay […]

PHP and jQuery – Reduce Long String to Preview Length and Reveal Full Text OnClick

Goal: Reduce long string to specified length for end-user preview.  Reveal entire string when clicked.  Go back to preview when clicked again. See Example Step 1: PHP Code [code] static function ReduceStringForPreview($text,$size=100) { define($reduced,”); if(strlen($text) > $size) { $reduced .= ” “. substr($text, 0, $size); $remaining = substr($text, $size); $reduced .= “…$remaining “; $text = […]

JSON Returning NULL When Special Characters Exist in Result Set

Nearly 24 hours of my life lost and I just figured this out. Maybe I can save someone else some precious time. Overview of JSON (skip this if you know what JSON is) When sending information from JavaScript via AJAX to a PHP server, certain things don’t transfer because you are dealing with different programming […]