Journey to Universal Reconciliation

An underlying part of who we all are is our beliefs in spiritual things. The physical world is like God’s GUI, but the spirit realm is like the back-end business logic. It actually determines what happens on the world’s stage. Our view on this will dictate how we present ourselves on the world’s stage. If […]

Abortion Belief Reveals Inconsistency In Commonly Believed Salvation Message

(This article should increase your faith in Jesus, not hurt it. Please keep an open mind and evaluate your position with honesty.) If you ask the standard Christian the following questions, you can easily see the logical inconsistencies side by side. I’ll present the question and then answer it with a standard Christian response. I […]

Combating The Hell Doctrine

Recently, I have discovered that my faith in God was perhaps blasphemous, accusing God of having an eternal temper tantrum and having very little mercy for those overcome by the enemy, who He created and allowed into His Earth. I truly believed that God only had a plan for those who conformed to Christianity on […]

Evolution, The Catch-All Explanation

Evolution is woven into everything now. My view of evolution is this: The theory of evolution is ridiculous and has no proof, whatsoever, but it also has no disproof, whatsoever. That’s because we’re dealing with something from ancient history, which is not knowable. While many observations can be said to be a part of evolution, that is […]