Caffeine Free – Here I Go Again

I’ve done this before. When it’s time to quit caffeine, it’s time to quit caffeine.

☑ Tired by 2pm
☑ Wake up tired
☑ Low motivation
☑ Low energy
☑ Poor sleep
☐ Energized from coffee

Yeah, the usual symptoms. Coffee doesn’t deliver all it promises. In fact, it actually steals everything it pretends to give you in the beginning. Typical drug.

What’s my approach going to be?

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Cold turkey, of course.

May 16 – first day

Surprisingly, the headache was nearly non-existent. I almost cannot tell anything is different, except I feel more settled. All I had was decaf coffee this morning. I felt like I had to snack a lot today so I’ll probably gain weight at first. Great first day!

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