Best Background Music and Audio

If you’re like me, background noise makes concentration almost impossible for you.  It’s like the background chatter gets more priority in my brain than what I need to focus on.  Is that ADD?  I’m not sure, but what I have discovered is how to concentrate when you cannot make the background noise stop.

There are four situations that give me trouble:

  1. Background way too quiet
  2. Background quiet and then people talk (and you can’t tell them to shut up!)
  3. Just ongoing noise that’s pulling my brain away from my work
  4. Music playing with lyrics
I have been on the hunt for good things to listen to that will help me overcome my problem and I believe I have done well.  There are two basic categories of things to listen to: music and non-music.  (I bet you could not have figured that out without me.)

Firstly, the music:

  1. Techno/Electronic – Uberzone
  2. Techno/Electronic – BlueTech
  3. Easy Guitar – Phil Keaggy (some of his songs have lyrics so remove those from your concentration playlist)

Next, the non-music:

  1. Meditation
  2. Meditation playlist
  3. Binaural beats (very effective and you can select what mood you’d like to be put in)
That sums it up for now.  Please try out my suggestions and give feedback if it helps!

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