Being Honest, Even When Dishonesty Pays Off

There are some controversial beliefs that I hold, of which I am solidly in the minority. Perhaps, less than 10% of the population would agree with me on certain beliefs. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I am able to find like minds who espouse to some of my weird beliefs and they give me new ways to look at things.

Unfortunately, they sometimes provide “evidence” that I am (or we are) right but their evidence is horrible and clearly violates basic logic. The temptation is to jump onboard and rally with them but I don’t do it.

Truth is paramount in everything, including the topics where more evidence would be welcomed. The last thing I would want to do would be to fill my proof bucket with trash. It’s difficult enough to hold an unpopular belief. That would only weaken my position.

One example came through a video found here:

To preface this, I dislike Hillary Clinton. There are many reasons that are not the point of this post so I will leave them out. But, if someone can show me how right I am to dislike her, COUNT ME IN! This video, however, makes her out to be possessed or something, by showing her frozen and staring off into thin air for an extended period of time, as though she were in a trance. The only problem I see is that they are discussing a photograph. So what did they expect? Movement?

The video comments are sort of disturbing as nobody seemed to pick up on the obvious fact that it was a photograph. So I commented:


How was this not obvious to everyone? Do they not see it? Are they blinded by their hatred for her? Are they happy to lie to themselves?

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