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Fixing a Door That Closes Itself

September 6, 2010 benf101 0

The strategy behind fixing a door that closes by itself is to tip the bottom hinge backwards. It makes sense if you think about it. If you take the hinge off, hold it in your hand, and lean it forward, it will close. If you lean it backwards, it will […]

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Roberto For Congress – 2010

August 31, 2010 benf101 0

Roberto for Congress As a personal friend of Leonard Roberto, or at least an extreme acquaintance with several hours of discussion and visitation, I am honored to give him a little bit of publicity. Going by my number of views on some pages, “little” is an overstatement (or understatement?). Anyway, […]

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Privacy in your Email.

August 27, 2010 benf101 0

If you are seeking email privacy then you need to look into GPG and PGP encryption. These both provide very solid email encryption that is protected against even the most sophisticated cracking attempts. It is likely that anything is crackable if “they” really want to crack it, but this is […]

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For Concentration, Meditation, or Drowning-Out Noise

August 25, 2010 benf101 0

Binaural beats. A pattern of wah-wah type of noises that your brain generates when playing unmatched frequencies in your ears. Depending on the speed of the rhythm, your brain will assume different brain wave patterns, like alpha, theta, beta, and others. You can use this to force your brain into […]

How To Convert PCM to MP3

August 25, 2010 benf101 7

What is PCM? PCM, or pulse code modulation, is a form of raw sound data. It is not encoded like mp3, or compressed in any fashion.

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Ubuntu 10.04

August 20, 2010 benf101 0

If you are looking for a more unique and customizable experience on your computer then you should check out Ubuntu 10.04, the latest Ubuntu release. If you don’t know, Ubuntu is the most popular “flavor” of Linux and can replace the Windows operating system at a cost of $0. Yes, […]

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How to Track Down Spam Sources

August 13, 2010 benf101 0

When you give your name out to a company or website, there’s no law that says it must be your exact legal name, right? So when giving your name, enter the name of the company as part of your name. For example, Acme Inc. is requiring me to fill out […]