Abortion Belief Reveals Inconsistency In Commonly Believed Salvation Message

(This article should increase your faith in Jesus, not hurt it. Please keep an open mind and evaluate your position with honesty.)

If you ask the standard Christian the following questions, you can easily see the logical inconsistencies side by side. I’ll present the question and then answer it with a standard Christian response. I can do that because I was a standard Christian and I know the responses.

  1. Does God want to send people to hell?

    • No. The Bible says that God is not willing that any should perish but that all would come to repentance.

  2. Does Satan want people to go to hell?

    • Yes. Satan knows his own future is to burn in hell and he wants to bring as many human souls as possible with him to destruction.

  3. Do most people go to heaven or hell?

    • Most go to hell. Jesus said that the way to destruction is wide and the way to life is narrow and few find it.

  4. Does God send aborted babies to hell?

    • No. They never sinned and are therefore saved.

  5. Is God for abortion or against it?

    • God is against abortion. It is murder.

  6. Is Satan for abortion or against it?

    • Satan is for abortion as it takes a life.

As these answers reveal, the typical Christian believes that abortion saves 100% and Jesus saves maybe 10%. How can God be against abortion and Satan for abortion when it has a 100% salvation rate? If God is not willing that any perish, He would promote abortion over Jesus’ death because it would fulfill His will 100% whereas Jesus would have a 90% failure rate.

So, if you’re keeping score, your scoreboard would look like this:

Abortion 100%, Jesus 10%

If most people go to hell, but aborted babies go to heaven, then Satan should be pro-life because you have a high probability of being born, denying Christ, and proceeding to hell. Satan should hate abortion as it removes the people from his reach so that he can never corrupt them and have them destroyed.

God should be pro-abortion so that you won’t violate His laws and you can go right to heaven. If God is not willing that any should perish, wouldn’t he choose the way that none would perish? Abortion would achieve His will.

What gives? Is God against abortion because it doesn’t give people that fair chance to burn in the hell that most will go to? Is God doing this for the sport of it? Is He running a casino up there, betting on who makes it? Or maybe a Hunger Games tournament?

These beliefs cannot reasonably coexist in the same brain. One must either conclude that aborted babies burn in hell, too, or that everyone ends up being saved.

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