Evernote – Bulk Creating Tags

December 25, 2018 benf101 0

Yes, it is possible to create massive amounts of tags in Evernote rather quickly. You will just need a text editor. First of all, don’t bother trying to use the standard plus-sign on the Evernote left pane. It won’t help you do anything except add one at a time, and […]

Tricky Spam

December 10, 2018 benf101 0

An email came through that looked somewhat official but had a few “tells” to show that it was fake.

Code Comments For MiniMap

December 4, 2018 benf101 0

There is a great way to mark sections of your code with a highly visible indicator that requires less effort to identify. It’s preference, for sure. I would imagine that certain people might find this a gaudy way to comment their code, while others would appreciate the practicality of it […]