Your Cell Phone Is A Document Scanner

CamScanner is a free Android app that takes photos of documents, automatically crops the photo, enhances the photo, saves it, categorizes it, tags it, converts it to PDF, and uploads it to your cloud.  And CamScanner does it well.

The quality is as good as (or better than) a normal scanner.  Here is a sample page I captured from a book: Examplepage .

Try it out:


Man Sets Out To Prove Earth Is Flat… And Succeeds

Everyone knows the Earth is round. It’s been taught to us all since we came out of the womb.  In fact, here’s a baby Onesie to show you what I mean:


Well, as strange as it sounds, not everyone believes the rhetoric regarding this 500+ year old spherical Earth idea.  Something that really makes people skeptical is the amount of curve that is supposed to be there.  Supposedly, we know the size of the Earth, therefore calculating the curve is easy as pie.  (Not pi.)

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People Are Not Illegal

What do you think when you hear about “illegal aliens”?  And then the disdain that goes along with it?  People have nick-named them “illegals”.  They report how many “illegals” are estimated to be in the “United States”.  Does this strike you as dehumanizing them, just a little bit?

I won’t even go in to what this so-called country was founded upon, who our ancestors were, and all of the usual dribble used to wallow in the controversy of the location of these human beings.  I see it much different than most people.

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U.S. judge allows lawsuit against Google over email ads

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A federal judge on Thursday refused to dismiss most of a lawsuit against Google Inc over allegations the company improperly scanned the content of customers’ emails in order to place ads.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California ruled that the proposed class action lawsuit against Google can proceed. She rejected Google’s argument that its users had consented to having their email read for the purposes of targeted advertising.

“We’re disappointed in this decision and are considering our options,” Google spokesman Matt Kallman said in an email.

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Voice Mail Telling Me To Go To

Did you receive this phone call too?  I got a voice mail from (480)449-4224.

All I had to do to change my life was to go to  I figured it would be entertaining for my lunch break, so I tried it.  If you want to the quick low-down, don’t bother trying it.  Here is what they do:

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Are You Addicted to the Drug Called Convenience?

Electronic “government”* spying has been occurring for decades.  Recently, it has become a hot-topic because of Edward Snowden’s whistle-blowing.  The news of this, however, is not a new thing.  There has been warrantless wiretapping, NSA spying, and all sorts of communications databasing happening since W. Bush was the ostensible “leader” of the land-of-the-free, and before. Continue reading Are You Addicted to the Drug Called Convenience?