Challenger Explosion Criminal Negligence Says NASA “Icon”, Story Musgrave

Well isn’t this an interesting take on things? Story Musgrave (that’s the guy’s name) says that the 1986 NASA disaster was due to criminal negligence. What was neglected? Icicles. The Challenger blew up because of icicles.

This reminds me of the brain teaser where you ask someone how to start a fire using water. It’s counter-intuitive until you realize that water can be used as a magnifying glass. From there, it’s pretty straight forward.

So how do you blow up a space shuttle with ice? Read the first paragraph of That’s how.

(Interview with Alex Jones – 4:00 he talks about the icicles)

I find it strange that Alex Jones is so comfortable with the NASA narrative. You know, that story that says that they used to be able to go to the moon but now we don’t have the technology to, and that story that says that they lost all of the footage of the moon landings, and that icicles blew up the Challenger. Oh, and that the Challenger had on board the world’s first non-astronaut and OOPS!, it blew up. Sorry about that.

This has conspiracy written all over it, including premeditated murder, and Alex Jones is just too enamored with space to see it. NASA is just another arm of government and Alex is completely trusting of these guys.

Inappropriate Pictures

Sometimes people don’t choose the most appropriate photos on their websites.  My insurance provider offers some HSA incentives, one of which is to track your weight.  God-forbid they forgo the over-sized goofy picture that loosely pertains to the topic at hand, but I digress.  So, for helping you to stay weight-conscious, what picture do they choose?  This one:

Screen Shot 08-11-15 at 09.52 AM

Yep, watch your weight.  And here’s a picture full of temptation to help you fail.  Thanks, Cigna.

Vitamin C deficiency wreaks havoc on thyroid function (Natural News Article)


(NaturalHealth365) With an estimated 30 million Americans having some form of thyroid disease, solutions are necessary as impaired thyroid function can lead to other chronic diseases if not treated. Because the thyroid is a hormone-producing gland that regulates the body’s metabolism, it also affects critical body functions.

Keep in mind, the rate at which your body produces energy from oxygen and nutrients can alter the way your heart, brain, muscles, liver, and other body parts work. If they work too fast or slow, you won’t feel well. Therefore, therapy is essential if you want to feel your best.

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